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Constructores de Sueños is a series that seeks to highlight the power of ideas and how dreams with perseverance and discipline can generate great results, it is an alternative of how to tell a story, a different way of perceiving things and how the receiver can be reflected in each of the 19 chapters, where each of the characters will tell us about their experience at B&G Construcciones and how they perceive this new time.


Chapter 1

Yuri milena martinez

Chapter 4

Bladimir M. & Faber L.

Chapter 7

Paula Andrea Barreto

Chapter 2

Manuel & Alma Rojas

Chapter 5

Angelica Chaves

Chapter # 8

Martha A. & César S.

Chapter 3

Luz Marina Barbosa

Chapter 6

Claudia Martinez

Chapter # 9

Gregorio Ramirez

Chapter # 10

Laura Rocio Sanchez

Chapter # 13

Carlos Sandoval

Chapter # 16

Deiby Fandiño

Chapter # 11

Maria del Pilar Perez

Chapter # 14

Carlos A. & Fanny C.

Chapter # 17

Jose Everney Barbosa

Chapter # 12

Yazmin Perez

Chapter # 15

David Fandiño

Chapter # 18

Felipe Tibaquichá

Chapter # 19

Andres Barbosa


Recap Season

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