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We are a family business, which begins with the dream of growing and being an entrepreneur in the construction area, working with passion, dedication and innovation with each of its work teams, to achieve the best of each of them.

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In 2017 we began the dream of undertaking a family project where our objective was and will be to consolidate ourselves as a firm and important company, by hosting work teams where we focus on generating employment, always keeping human talent in mind, without leaving aside our main objective as an organization.

We design improvement proposals in each of our projects, working hand in hand with our clients to give efficient results, always highlighting our commitment to the quality of materials and the correct execution of construction processes, taking into account the latest standards in design. and innovation.


The construction company B&G contributes to the real estate sector with quality projects, participating efficiently in the market; generating employment for all people in the sector and being the means to fulfill the dream of each of its clients.


The B&G construction company will be recognized at a departmental and national level in the development of real estate projects, highlighted by its unique and innovative designs that make a difference in the entire construction sector.

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Jose Everney Barbosa

General manager

Founder of B&G Construcciones and Project Engineer. He leads construction and directs human capital to achieve excellent results.

He is a person with several years of experience in Construction, his leadership and dedication to achieve an excellent and perfect product should be highlighted.

Ever Andres Barbosa

Commercial Director

Architect graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 2019. Responsible for the design, supervision of interior design projects and furniture development.

It stands out for its creativity when it comes to innovating in each project that is carried out, in addition to its commitment and dedication to always offer the best to the client.


Commercial department


William David Fandiño

Commercial Advisor

Distinguished for his security, charisma and customer service, he always seeks to give the best of himself to offer the future owner what he needs.

Luz Marina Barbosa

Commercial Advisor

Known for her commitment, love and attention to her colleagues, owners and clients. It is a fundamental piece in the construction company.


Paula Andrea Barreto

Commercial Advisor

Appreciated for her dedication, organization and punctuality, she has come to form a very good relationship with her clients both at the beginning of the separation process and the delivery process.

Administrative and Legal Department


Yuri Angelica Chaves

Management Coordinator


Maria del Pilar Perez

Administrative Coordinator


Ninfa Patricia Romero



Yuri Milena Martinez

Industrial Safety Professional

She is a woman committed to defending the rights and integrity of the company's team of collaborators. It stands out for its charisma and dedication to the human values of each of the people who are part of the construction company.

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